Our Process

We identify your needs and goals at a high level in order to define an initial scope for the project. This scope will be used to estimate the amount of time Midcore needs to conduct a full evaluation of the project in order to develop a comprehensive quote for the design.

After research and requirements gathering sessions are complete, all screens, business scenarios and system architecture will be documented. The documentation will include design comparables, wireframes, database design, and technical design. These designs will then be paired with an estimate of the time required to implement your solution.


All wireframes and design work has been finalized, software development and internal testing will begin. Once the internal testing is complete, deliverables will be turned over for customer testing and approval.


Once testing is complete, Midcore will develop a training and deployment schedule. If required, Midcore will also develop training documentation along with an estimate of the time required to complete the training.


After deployment, the Midcore team will remain in contact to monitor the success of the project and offer ongoing support.