Web Development

Streamline Workflows and Communications

We identify ways to improve daily management of business processes and build custom software solutions designed for automation.  We provide a comprehensive set of solutions to help you streamline invoicing, customer communications, supply processes, project management, data management and much more. Our focus is to help you grow your business and find better ways to track and eliminate everyday bottlenecks. 

3rd Party Software Integrations

Many companies use 3rd party software applications to run their business, but find that the software does not have features specific to their business needs.  Midcore Solutions can extend the functionality of your current system by using your system’s API (application programmer interface) or database.  Using your system’s API or database allows use to build new interfaces using your existing system.

Custom Web Application Development

Our expertise and knowledge in web development will help you craft vision for your organization.   Midcore’s full-service approach which allows us to deliver web based applications for multiple industries.   We offer a set of comprehensive set for solutions designed for logistics and distribution, inventory management, fleet tracking, CRM and more.

Custom SAAS Development

Custom SAAS (software as a service) allows your business to operate with an application that was built with all the features your company needs.  Our SAAS solutions are fully hosted, monitored and supported by the Midcore team.  This approach allows your business to grow into a scalable solution that fits into a monthly budget and simplify IT support. 

E-Commerce and Web Store

Having an online presence will help you reach a broader customer base.  Midcore will help you maintain a competitive edge by designing, building, and configuring an online store that will improve business results and brand equity.  We also assist you in tracking the customer-related information to help you improve customer loyalty and experience.    

Responsive Design ApplicationsThe increase in mobile browsing is changing the way we think about the design of web applications. Midcore Solution’s Mobile First strategy is in every web solution we implement. Our web applications are designed and developed to render on multiple devices, display sizes and orientations. 

Mobility requires accessing the right information from all business systems within your organization.  Midcore’s mobility strategy is designed to integrate seamlessly with enterprise or third party systems to extend the reach of your data.   Our strategy is centered on reducing complexity, cost and maximizing ROI.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Integration into Enterprise Systems

From HTML5 mobile apps to native apps, our mobile strategy is centered on creating cross-platform solutions that run on multiple devices.  Advances in technologies allow us to use platforms like Appcelerator Titanium for developing mobile, tablet and desktop applications using web technologies.  Midcore leverages these platforms during product development to deliver apps that run on iOS, Android and Windows Phones.

Mobile UX and UI Design

User experience design and user interface design are critical components to any development project. At Midcore, we understand that designing an intuitive user experience is vital to the success of any project. The user experience services we offer help create mobile applications that are geared towards user adoption.

Mobile Strategy Support

We assist you in developing mobile strategies that are connected to business goals and target markets helping you collaborate, engage with customers, and get work done.

iSeries Application Development

IBM iSeries Application Development

Midcore Solutions are experts in implementing unique solutions on IBM iSeries machines.  Extending the functionality of your green screen to interact with documents, web and mobile applications, web services and much more is something we do very well.   We can integrate custom software solutions into your ERP enterprise systems using technologies like RPGLE, RPG CGI, PHP, Javascript, JSON,  HTML, FTP, qshell and much more.  We can create a range of custom iseries applications developed for multiple industries with integration into your ERP.

iSeries Application Maintenance and Support

Our US based support team is ready to keep your business solution up to date and in-line with your business goals.  We offer project-based support and managed application support services to help you manage your IT budget.  Project based support gives you the ability to outsource specific projects needs.  Managed application services allows you outsource the entire management of an application.  

IBM iSeries Web and Mobile

Running web and mobile solutions on IBM iSeries is a great way to extend the capabilities of your enterprise system.  Midcore’s mobile and web services will unlock the value of your existing system developing an integrated enterprise ecosystem. Web and mobile services we offer: Solutions using Zend Framework, IBM iSeries system mobilization and iSeries Web Enablement.

IBM iSeries Data Migration 

Midcore offers comprehensive data migration services to help you manipulate data sets, extract, synchronize and setup data feeds.  Our team will monitor, analyze and report on the quality of information contained in each environment.  We work closely with your business objectives to design plans, which are flexible and structured to deliver the desired results.